About the Project
A new field improvement project was begun during the Summer of 2016.  The project will replace the existing grass turf with a new artificial turf surface.  The demand for use of this facility has continued to grow and the natural grass and track surfaces are constantly strained to the limit. This new surface will also dramatically help improve the safety of those who use the facility. Quite often, because of bad weather or simply the desire to “save” the field for competitions, it is highly under utilized. By making the investment in a year-round synthetic surface, Arlington Community School and the Arlington community will realize benefits that will greatly enhance the educational experience for the students and members of the community that will now be able to utilize the facilities. While year-round availability certainly enhances the performance of athletic competitions for football, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, cheer, band and others, e will be able to practice on this field as well. It will also benefit the students in general and the community as a whole. While not possible in the past, the field and track surface can be utilized extensively for physical education classes, our elementary schools, and wellness, helping to overcome childhood obesity, band, youth sports and numerous community events. No longer will the administrators and coaches be faced with the challenge of “protecting” the field by limiting its use. Instead, their only challenge will be the scheduling of activities. These projects will give us a multi-purpose field that can be utilized by all.

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