2018 Player of the Week 6

Liberty Tech 9/21/2018 Player of the Week - Kenny Walker Special Team POG - Conner Ford Defensive POG - Derrick Small Offensive POG - Mathew Bunch JV Player of the week - Jose Avalos More

2018 Player of the week 5

White Station September 14, 2018 POG - K. Walker; Def POG - G. Lamkins; JV Player of the Week - A. Morgan More

September 21, 2018 Friday Night Football


AHS Football Tigers have the best student fans!


2018 HOMECOMING Football Game


2018 Player of the week: Week 3

Congrats to Players of week three vs Houston Jorge Avalos - POW Kenny Walker - Offensive POG Kenneth Payne - Defensive POG Conner Ford - Special Team POG More

Kenneth Walker III

AHS Football standout Kenny Walker is gaining yards and scholarships

Story written by AHS Senior and ACS Student Sports Reporter Aaron Moser ARLINGTON, Tenn. (Arlington Community Schools) – Just hours after scoring five touchdowns against Raleigh Egypt on August 17, Arlington Senior Running Back Kenneth “Kenny” Walker Jr. announced on Twitter that he had received an offer from ... More

2018 Player of the Week: Week 2

  Kenny Walker - POG Conner Ford - POG Special Team Jake Golday - POG Defense Rhodes Carson - POG Offensive D Glover - POG Scout Team More

2018 Players of the Week: Week 1

Congrats to our first Players of the Week for the 2018 season! Kennith Walker- 252 Rushing Yards, 5TDs, 2.5 tackles, 1 Forced Fumble Mitchell Faulkner -  Defensive Player of the Game Tyrese Perry - Special Teams Player of the Game More

2018 Players of the Week 4

Southwind September 7th, 2018 Cannon Linebaugh - Player of the Game Conner Ford - Special Team Mitchell Faulkner - Defense More